2018/2019 Start Date

So, this is a first ever: we’re setting the start date for our next session as Sept 17, 2018. Hope to see you all there and please bring all your closest friends and enemies.

As much as possible, we will continue to follow the 2018/2019 VSB school calendar and provide exemplary programming for new instrument learners as well as provide instruments whenever possible.

Oh and there’s tag. And parades. And sometimes sushi and lemonade and pool parties so really, we’re buckets of fun.

June 2nd Performance Details.

Location: Edam Dance/Western Front 303 East 8th Ave. close to Main and Broadway

Arrival time: Feel free to arrive anytime before 1:45pm and band members can leave their cases and personal items here (I’ll make sure that they are safe) at the WF before the downbeat! Music will be located in the EDAM Dance space downstairs so feel free to come and find Tim or Brenda!

Set times: 2pm, 2:30pm and 3pm

Set List: Please bring your books so we can play harder stuff if we are ever stationary, but we will be parading with songs we have off book: When The Saints, My Buckets…., Little Liza Jane, You Are My Sunshine, Greenhorn Bounce, Birdhead Forever

Dress: Crazy