Uploading Charts

This is how I upload charts to the Greenhorn website.

To start with, I usually have the charts as JPEG or PDF files.  Often when I get them, the files are named in a way that would be irritating and confusing, like this:

Finale Print Music 2009 - [afro blue - Flute.mus].pdf


The first thing I do is to rename the files to something that is easily to recognize at a glance, and easily searchable.  The naming scheme I like is

<name of piece>_<key of chart>

like this:


Or, if there’s more than once chart for the key, then I like

<name of piece>_<instrument>_<key of chart>

like this:



The next thing to do is to upload the charts.  We use the WP-Filebase WordPress plugin to manage charts.  This is available in the administration dashboard of the site, under the “WP-Filebase” menu item.


Under that menu item, I go to the first item, “WP-Filebase”.


This takes me to the main page of the WP-Filebase upload manager.  On that page, I press the “Batch Upload” button.


This takes me to the batch upload page, which looks like this:


For the files to show up as “charts” on the Greenhorn website, they need to be categorized as “Charts”, so in the “Category” drop down of the batch upload page, I choose “Charts”.


Next, I drag the files onto the drag and top target of the web page where it says “DROP FILES HERE”.  This uploads the files.  The uploading looks like this:


Once that is done, I like to make sure it’s all uploaded correctly.  First, I go to the “Files” menu item under WP-Filebase.


This takes me to a listing of all the files WP-Filebase is managing.  Here I can see that I uploaded the files, and that they have the correct category.  If they’re in the wrong category, or named funny, from here I can rename the files, put them in different categories, remove them, etc.


Finally, I go the the Charts page of the website, and lo and behold, there are the freshly uploaded charts!


That’s all there is to it.